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31 oli preziosi 100ml

31 oli preziosi 100ml


31 oli preziosi is a mixture of natural oils extracted from pharmaceutical plants.
Made of 31 essential oils extracted from as many herbs, 31 oli preziosi has many healing, refreshing, balsamic, toning and disinfecting properties. The many uses and benefits that this product can bring to our health make it one of the most popular and used formulas not only by those who love natural medicine, but by anyone looking for well-being. The herbal plants that make it are endowed with active ingredients and amazing properties that make 31 oli preziosi a perfect cure for a whole range of small and serious disorders.

It's an excellent remedy against cold

balsamic, expectorant and fluidifying properties that fight the formation of catarrh and simplify its removal, but also offers relief in case of blocked nose and breathing difficulties.
Just put a drop of 31 oli preziosi underneath the nostrils or with the handkerchief used to blow your nose to make your breathing less stressful.
A few drops of 31 oli preziosi in a bowl of boiling water will make a balsamic soup that will offer relief to congested nose and throat. Likewise, 31 oli preziosi can be used during Aerosols.
A few drops in the radiator will make the room more welcoming for anyone with irritable or blocked nose. 31 oli preziosi can also be added to milk and honey for a sweet and comforting hot drink for throat and nasal congestion. Mixed with lemon juice, it will be perfect for soothing gargling inflamed throats.

31 oli preziosi is an effective method to prevent and heal muscular and joint problems.

The anti-inflammatory and pain properties of these herbs not only ease contractures’ pain, for example cervical pain, but also prevent headaches.
10 drops of 31 oli preziosi mixed with a body cream is an ideal solution for numbness of muscles and joint pains. It’s enough to spread the ointment obtained on the sore parts for a couple of days, until full absorption. The faint properties of 31 oli preziosi will also be beneficial in case of inflammatory and torsional pain. Few drops on the temples will ease the most persistent headaches.

31 oli preziosi cleans and disinfects teeth and gums.

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